1. Who are you, and what is this website about?

Hello there, nice to meet you! My name's Vicky Chapman and, as I explain on my About page, I am a 22 year old Media Production graduate who simply has a strong passion for the Media. This website is acting as my online portfolio, where I upload media that I have worked on either for a client, my course, or have chosen to make in my spare time. Please feel free to have a look around, and don't be afraid to contact me if you have any more questions!

2. What services do you offer?

You can find what services I offer on my Services page!

3. Why should I choose you?

I may only have a few years experience in the industry, but that doesn't mean that I can't deliver. I've invested money in high-end programmes such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to help achieve that feature film quality that we all aspire to, as well as invested time and effort into learning and improving my skills using the software. As my showreel demonstrates, I have worked on a variety of projects, all of which I have edited and colour corrected. A majority of the clips shown I have also filmed, giving me a cinematographer insight which is quite valuable to an editor. I understand how a camera works, the framing, and the more technical aspects which some editors may not understand. As video editing is my hobby as well as my job, there's rarely a time when I'm not editing or filming something, so you can guarantee this project will get to you in quick time!

4. What software do you use to edit your videos?

On my Macbook Pro, I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos, which I was taught how to use on my course, and have used software like Final Cut X previously. Premiere is not the cheapest software, but it is pretty straightforward to use and does allow you to import, edit, colour grade and export footage in a variety of different formats. I also use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition to help with more animated or audio-based edits, and Adobe Photoshop for still image edits.

5. What camera and equipment do you use on shoots?

I tend to use my Canon 80D for most shoots, though I have filmed with Canon C100, Canon 5D Mk III, and Blackmagic URSA Mini cameras in the past, all of which record high resolution images and have detachable handles etc, making filming a lot easier with their light weight on tripods and steadicams. For sound, I tend to use the Zoom H1 Recorder to record high quality audio, as well as the RØDE VideoMic Pro for general audio, and the RØDE SmartLav+ for interviews.

6. Where do you get your sound effects?

I usually try to record foley and atmospheric sound effects on shoots, however, if for whatever reason there is a sound effect I cannot record on set, my first calls are at FreeSFX.co.uk or FreeSound.org, which allow users to download any of their sound effects for free for any commercial, non-commercial, broadcast multimedia/audio visual production.